Birthday Party on the Wheel

$45 per child | $60 per adult | 1.5 hr

In 1.5 hours 4 kids/adults make 3 vessels on the wheel. Everyone glazes for free 3 weeks later. Minimum of 4.

Hand Building Birthday Party

$30 per child | 1.5 hr

Projects: magnets, personality beauty masks, pinch pot monsters, coiled succulent holder. During the party, each child designs, creates, and carves on white stoneware. They add underglaze to make their creation pop with color. Bring refreshments and enjoy opening presents.

Christmas Ornament Class

$30 per person | 1.5 hr

Enjoy cookies, hot chocolate, and music. 3 and younger are free.

Date Class

$120 | 1.25 hr

You and your love will make 3 vessels with a private session in the Zen Den. Come back and glaze for free.

Girl Scouts

$30 | 1 hr | up to 25 people

In 1 hour your troop will earn their pottery badge by creating personality beauty masks and pinch pots. In the first half of class, scouts design, create, and carve their personality. These wall hangings are great for her to imagine and create what she sees inside herself. 2nd part of class, underglazes are applied for color. Groups up to 25.


free | 1.5 hr +

Wear play clothes.

Group of 6 on Wheel

$45 per child | $60 per adult | 1.5 hr

Create 2 vessels on the wheel and 1 hand built project. Come back and glaze for free.

Homeschool Class

$150 | 6 weeks – 1.5 hr+

This 6-week course creates plates, bowls, cylinders, pitchers, and mugs.

Homeschool Syllabus

Individual Class

$55 child | $75 adult | | 1 hr

In an hour, you create 3 vessels. The 1st class comes with a throwing demonstration. Glazing is free.

1 Hour Hand Building Gathering Room Class

$30 per child | $45 per adult | 1.25 hr+

Minimum of 6 people for hand building: molds/forms, coils, pinch pots, slab & more. Underglazes applied for color. Great for birthday parties and small groups. No need to come back and glaze.

Parent/Child Class

$105 | 1.25 hr+

In an hour, you create 3 vessels. Come back and glaze for free.

Play in Clay

$55 per child | $75 per adult | 1.25 hr

Your child will receive an individual throwing class, creating 3 vessels. Come back and glaze for free.

Spin with Friends

$45 per child | $60 per adult | 1.25+ hr

This fun wheel class is for friends who want to explore the wheel together. 4 wheels allow each person to create 3 vessels. Come back and glaze for free.

Summer Camp

$175 | 1 week – 1.5 hr

This week-long class explores different mediums each day: clay, encaustics, watercolor, charcoal, mixed media, and acrylic paints.

Wandering Peacock Camp

Throwing Quartet

$45 per child | $60 per adult | 1.25 hr

A group of 4 throws on the wheel, creating 3 vessels. Glazing is free.

Zen Den

$55 – $120 | 1-2 people | 1 hr

The Zen Den is for intermediate throwers. Enjoy privacy while you throw with white stoneware. $55 for an individual class. $120 for 2 people.

“We had a blast at our date throwing class! Erin explained the process beforehand to put me at ease. She helped when she noticed you needed it and stood back to let you find your groove as well. Fun atmosphere, very friendly! Can’t wait to head back to glaze our pieces. I highly recommend!”

Amy Gatewood | Jan 18, 2020